1200BT Fuel Injection UV Fruits Vegetables Detoxification Machine Grape Strawberry Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine

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1200BT Fuel Injection UV Fruits Vegetables Detoxification Machine Grape Strawberry Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine

Item specifics
  • Washing Mode:Disinfect
  • Capacity:<4L
  • Certification:RoHS
  • Structure:No Washing Basket
  • Voltage (V):Other
  • Controlling Mode:Digital
  • Power (W):70W /35W

Item Description

Capacity: 1200ml
Power: 70W /35W
Frequency: 40KHz
Time settings: 480 seconds (adjustable in 5 time periods)
Internal size: 170X130X65mm /6.69x 5.12x 2.56inch
Shape size: 230X200X160mm /9.06 x 7.87 x 6.23 inch
Type:EU plug, US plug

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machineĀ 
1.Family application:
Daily use of items such as gold and silver jewelry,jewelry, brooches, glasses, chains, water brushes, CDs, scrapers, combs, toothbrushes, dentures, tea sets and milk bottles, milk nozzle and fruit such as grapes, cherries, and strawberries,these ornaments, tools, and fruit, are also sterilizing while being cleaned. Hand can also be used for beauty and skin care with ultrasonic. Long term use can keep skin tender and lubricated and full of elasticity. The JP ultrasonic cleaner can also be used for blending, alcohol and egg stirring.
2.Glassware, optical instruments:
After all optical lenses, such as various eyeglasses(including contact lenses), magnifying glasses, telescopes, microscopes, cameras, and other lens parts, are cleaned by JP ultrasonic cleaning machine, the truth of all the world is fully revealed.
3.Jade and ornament processing industry:
In the process of grinding and polishing, a large number of dust contaminants will be attached to jade and ornaments, which often have complex shapes and many gaps, and the traditional cleaning methods are often ineffective, while the effect of JP ultrasonic cleaner is unique.
4.Clocks and precision instruments:
With JP ultrasonic cleaner, clocks and precision instruments eliminate the hassle of disassembling screw, gear, silk hair, chain and so on. It is only necessary to unload the shell and put the cleaning agent (such as gasoline) into the cleaning tank.Then, you can get twice the result with half the effort.
5.Bank, office, finance, arts and crafts, advertising industry, office supplies:
Printers, sprinklers, pens, brushes,and sprayers are often blocked, and the seal is also often obscured by the adhesion of ink. The use of JP ultrasonic cleaners can make all smooth and clear, and a better effect can be achieved with a proper amount of detergent or other cleaning agents.
6.Communication equipment and electrical maintenance:
By using JP ultrasonic cleaning machine combined with anhydrous alcohol cleaning, the precision circuit board of mobile phone, interphone, Walkman and other appliances, and spare parts can get excellent cleaning effect without dust and pollution completely.
7.Medical units and Universities:
The cleaning of all kinds of medical instruments such as surgical instruments, dental prostheses, dental models, mirrors,beakers for laboratory experiments,mixing and compounding of various types of pharmaceutical agents can improve efficiency, improve cleanliness, and accelerate chemical reactions. And shorten the time.
8.Good gifts:
Whenever festivals or exhibitions, receptions, fellowships, alumni, and prizes are needed to prepare gifts, souvenirs and prizes, JP ultrasonic cleaning machine has its unique originality, unique convenient packing, novel and unique cleaning methods, and remarkable and multipurpose work effect…You don’t have to be troubled for choosing a gift, because cleaning, germicidal, beauty and skin care multi – function combination of the clean brand ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new generation of gifts.

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2.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.


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